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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Modern European History

- Modern European History -
Helpful Information for Students

Guide for Organizing Debate Position


Your Position: ______________________________________


1. What strong beliefs and feeling do you hold on this issue? Think carefully and list these basic beliefs. All remaining work should be based upon this list.



2. Brainstorm all arguments that support your position. Ideas can come from your role description sheet and from your own thinking. Be creative and realistic. Brainstorm for at least five (5) full minutes. List your ideas below.



3. Now, circle the arguments above that you believe will work to effectively "sell" your position. Then, develop them more fully in the space below.



4. List arguments that you expect the other group(s) to use against you. Write down ideas to counter those arguments.

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- Mr. Sedivy's Excellent Information -

Sample Research Papers
Peace At Any Cost

Further Reading / Essay Examples
Habsburgs and French Overstretch
German WWI & WWII Overstretch
History of Hitler
Cost of the Cold War

Related Book Review Example

Information for Students
Guide For Organizing Debate Position

Research Activity
United States Entry Into WWI

Mr. Sedivy no longer teaches geography, or Modern European History (non AP), but we've decided to leave his web contribution to these classes up anyway. The AP classes cover the same material, but in more detail.

Advanced Placement Modern European History



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